The squirrels are laughing

September 17 -22

The squirrels are laughing ( but not triumphant).  My visits to the garden have been sporadic for the last several weeks largely due to a perfectly synchronized series of accidents and small decrepitudes that are clearly the results of the (pathetic) Curse of the Flea Bitten Squirrel.  Although I have not always looked forward to them, I have missed the visits. One of the things that I  realized/suspect early on in the Product of Eden process is that when one nurtures another living thing one also, in some mysteriously way, nurtures oneself. I am fed by the witnessing of small miracles and curiosities. It makes you look.

At this point in time the plants need less constant attention.  Their growth rate has slowed, the SVB are no longer a threat and they have received their last bordo spray for the season. Cindy has been faithfully watering. There are three more babies in the moulds and, because of the wet weather, I should keep an eye on them lest they rot in the womb. At this point it is a bit of a balancing act between growing noses and not rotting.

The only real concern at this point is the increased aggressiveness of the fuzzy  you-know-whats.  I feel that I have to check the netting thoroughly every few days to find the spots that they have started to chew through and coat the likely chew spots with the inferno-like concoction (to make it taste less appealing – it doesn’t seem to work- but maybe it is slowing them down) and to sew up the holes.  Some of the favoured chew spots are beginning to look like the navigation maps of South Sea Islanders.


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