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On Vacation

Mary Catherine is on vacation this week and in her stead kw|ag’s Curatorial team has been tending the garden, with Curator Crystal Mowry and Registrar Cindy Wayvon watering, checking weather reports and otherwise supervising the slumbering children. The garden has … Continue reading

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Emergency Treatment

August 17 I was looking forward to visiting the garden this morning, but got there quite late – it was at least 7:30.  I did not have a lot on the agenda – just filling the barrel and watering, minor … Continue reading

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Gravel and an emergency delivery

Mon August 16 I did not feel like going to the garden at all today, but I wanted to complete the spray on the south garden and the plants were bound to be thirsty.  It has been becoming increasingly burdensome. … Continue reading

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Just me and the plants

August 13 A watering day. I continued the pruning. I am gradually removing the old leaves, making room for the new. They are coming along nicely, but are still comparatively small. I have noticed with the two day watering schedule … Continue reading

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Clean toes and ripped moulds

August 11 I watered the children today and did a great deal of pruning and rearranging of the new vines and started a bordo spray in the NG. A perfect and pristine small boy was born today and rests in … Continue reading

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